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Event Planning

Fall Bid Day

I was elected as my sorority's New Member Educator where my job was to welcome new members.

One way I achieved that was by planning Bid Day. I picked the theme "There's Snow Place Like A Chi O" where we went ice skating as a bonding activity.

Pictured: Siblings of Alpha Chi Omega's Gamma Tau Chapter.

Solo Fringe

I was a mentor for the "Devising" class which is a new-works-based class tailored to first-year students.

We held monthly showcases of in-process works that I helped organize and facilitate.

Pictured: Shelby Parker and Lauren Leppke


Donors Gala

I served as a member of the five person "Advancement Staff" that facilitated the evening to ensure Donor enjoyment.

I assisted in set-up and clean up duties, and led performers on and off stage to ensure smooth transitions between performances.

Pictured: Venue Picture by Sarah Kelly,

Documents from Staff Leader, Kelsey Bouma

Spring Bid Day

Our biggest new member class comes in during the fall, but I still wanted to make our new, spring initiates feel welcomed!

I worked with a candy and cupcake shop to plan a small celebration for cute pictures and good sweets.

Pictured: Siblings of Alpha Chi Omega's Gamma Tau Chapter.

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