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marketing portfolio

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I started selling my art to the print-on-demand shop, Society6, summer of 2021. Due to my costume design minor, I had a background in creating art electronically on my iPad.

In order to promote my shop and improve my account management skills, I created an Instagram account. 

  • I create graphics to promote sales and updates.

  • I feature product photos from happy customers to show the real-life use of my products.

  • I utilize mockups from the site to show my art on the many products sold on Society6. 

  • I look for unique ways to showcase my art whether it's a timelapse video of how I created the design, or a cocktail tutorial series that goes with cocktail posters I've designed. 

  • I utilize both stories and reels to increase outward engagement.

  • I stay updated on ever-changing hashtag strategies in order to maximize my reach.

  • I maintain a flexible social media schedule to keep posts consistent and diversify the type of content I'm posting.

Grain of Salt magazine is an online and print publication run by young women and non-binary folk. Our print and online content are provided by contributors from our community where we feature their short stories, personal writing, art, and music. I am currently serving as their social media resident where my main job is to track analytics and find new ways to engage our community. We have accounts on Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, Discord, and our website. Grain of Salt is a non-profit so our print issues are donation-based, and funds from our most recent issue went to the New York Covid Relief Fund. 

  • I track and do data entry on analytics for our Instagram account.

  • I curate Spotify playlists to increase engagement. I have done both issue-specific and seasonal playlists that are a combination of recommendations from the community and my personal contributions.

  • I create graphics for playlists to be used as the Spotify cover, Instagram post, and story reminders. 

  • I write captions for some of the posts we use to promote featured work.

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Grain of Salt

  • Instagram
  • Spotify
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2021 Festival of
New Works

  • Instagram
  • Facebook

As part of my senior capstone project, I was elected Marketing and Social Media Manager for the 2021 Festival of New Works. The Festival featured six brand new shows, including one I created. Click here to see more about my show. 

Since the Festival is associated with the BA Theatre & Performance degree, I took over the pre-existing Instagram and Facebook accounts but made some important changes beyond posting content. 

  • I created graphics using design elements created by the promotional artist, Tan Neeno.

  • I organized behind-the-scenes features from all shows to increase audience engagement.

  • I also ran the Facebook page where I re-formatted materials to fit the different accounts. 

  • Since the Festival was all online, I created a Linktree to organize links and make them easily accessible. The Linktree also serves as a marketing tool for the major as a whole and for future Festivals.

  • To keep continuity through our promotional materials, I followed our overall Festival color palette when making new designs.

It's Not About You was a show I was in as part of the 2019 Festival of New Works. Besides co-creating and performing in the piece, I also served as the Marketing and Social Media Manager. I primarily ran the Instagram account while my Co-Manager ran Facebook. To learn more about the show click here!

  • I created and branded a new Instagram to build audience excitement as we worked on the show. 

  • I shared behind-the-scenes moments to show audiences a special look into our process that they wouldn't see otherwise.

  • I shared trailers made by Ana Pellar.

  • I designed fundraising t-shirts and stickers as keepsakes for the cast , the interviewees whose words created the show, and audience members.

  • Coordinated tabeling events on-campus and at the performance venue where we sold festival tickets and memorabilia. 


It's Not About You

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
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