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Elementary Education

  • Served as a 4th grade teacher from August to December.

    • Taught Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies daily to 27 students.

  • Articulated detailed notes during team planning for the entire 4th grade team.


  • Served as the Gifted Resource Teacher from January to June. 

    • Worked with 75 students weekly from 1st to 5th grade and planned different lessons.​

    • Facilitated Gifted placement testing for over 40 students.

    • Did drop-in lessons for K-2 classes.

Missoula Children's Theatre

  • Drove to a new town every week for almost 8 continuous months. Worked in locations like Montana, Canada, the Central East Coast, and even the West Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind.

  • Worked with a partner to co-teach every aspect of the show in a week from lines, to songs and dances, to procedures.

  • Spent half the time directing onstage as Aunt Wally/Big Wallybird, and the other half directing backstage in a stage manager capacity.

  • Collaborated with local sponsors and served as a brand representative for the company. 

  • Maintained all technical elements from costume maintenance, set assembly and breakdown, and prop management.

Theatre Club

  • Created and lead a theatre club after school at my elementary school. 

  • Gave thirty 3rd-5th graders an introduction into theatre basics including acting basics, improvisation, and behind the scenes design.

  • Created a final showcase for families that included a Lion King design gallery, featured theatre games, and a "When You're an Addams" ensemble dance.

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